Working as a Traveling Artist

Working With Oils in Travel Sketching and Painting

Be aware of things like the timing of the day, the location the sun is shining, and the weather conditions when you paint outside or when your van is turned off. You should calculate how long you’ll need to spend outside before the weather starts to affect your work.

If you’re working with oils, the alla prima method is the most suitable technique to use when traveling. In alla prima, you are that you begin and finish an entire painting in one sitting. This kind of painting could result in vibrant and beautiful, however, you must be conscious of storage when your painting is drying.

Plein air boxes typically include storage space that allows your artwork to dry. You can also plan your artwork and create one oil painting every few weeks to make sure that every piece is dry and safe.

The waiting for the items to dry could be frustrating, however. If working with oils like this isn’t for you There are many products that dry quickly, are mobile, simple to use, and wash up and make use of.

Urban Sketching Mixed Media Tips

Another option is to incorporate mixed media for your process instead. In either case, it’s essential that you know how to get your work done quickly and create a style you enjoy. An excellent method that works is working on multiple sketches at the same time as well as creating layers with mixed media marks at the same time, and finishing by adding paint to every piece.

A consistent appearance in the appearance of your artwork will gradually develop, and cleanup is much easier following each session. When you finish your painting you’ll use less paint since you’ll be working on multiple layers simultaneously.

This makes it easier instead of squeezing paint into each painting, and then needing to wash up any unused paint that could have been used for another painting.

Final Thoughts Traveling Artists & Urban Sketching

If you continue to travel and explore, you’ll become more creative and efficient in your journey. You’ll begin to find a rhythm to looking around, watching, and creating amazing artwork inspired by your travels.

Memories captured and relived through your art are extremely precious. Don’t do only do yourself, but your art collectors and everyone else do yourself a favor by recording the precious moments and emotions that you’ve had through your travel sketchbooks. Spend time creating artwork. That way regardless of where you are will feel at home.